Targeted Broadcast Communication

XCLUSV empowers your organization to streamline communication with Private and Public Broadcast Channels, ensuring precision and impact across large audiences.”

Reach Your Audience Directly, Drive Growth Efficiently

Tired of struggling to reach your audience in a noisy digital landscape? XCLUSV empowers organizations with large audiences to engage directly, boost engagement, and unlock new levels of growth.

Current Features

Advanced Feature Push Notifications:

Interactive posts in notifications increase open rates by 50%.

Targeted Communication:

Tailor communications to distinct member segments, elevating open rates by 30%.

Omnichannel Ecosystem:

Seamlessly blend private member communications with public outreach, ensuring message control while broadening engagement.


Quick polls engage your audience, enhance feedback, and improve decision-making, boosting member activity.

Why Choose XCLUSV

Mobile-First, Direct Communication:

Bypass clogged inboxes and social media algorithms with targeted mobile broadcasts that reach your audience instantly.

Lifetime Value Enhancement:

Foster deeper connections with targeted campaigns and personalized experiences, driving loyalty and maximizing the value of your audience.

Revenue Growth Acceleration:

Convert engagement into action with powerful call-to-actions integrated within your broadcasts, boosting sales and subscriptions.

Expanded Reach & Recruitment:

Extend your reach and attract new members efficiently with targeted campaigns designed to capture their attention.


Segment and group your audience to better tailor messaging


One-way communications removes the barriers of social noise, algorithms and flooded inboxes


Push-Notifications with advanced features increase open rates and engagement

Roadmap Features

AI-assisted Reporting & Analytics:

Equip organizations with powerful AI-driven insights into engagement metrics, offering tailored tips to optimize communication strategies and enhance audience interaction.

eCommerce Capability:

Enable organizations to manage and sell goods and services directly on the platform, opening up new revenue streams.

Payment Processing:

Simplify the handling of membership fees and other financial transactions with integrated payment solutions.

Events Integration:

Collaborate with third-party services for seamless in-app RSVP and ticketing, enhancing the event experience for both organizers and attendees.

Conference Experience:

Offer a digital itinerary for festivals and conferences, complete with vendor support, emergency communications, and venue geo-mapping, to enrich the attendee experience.

Community Calendar:

Allow organizations to co-plan events and activities, while members personalize their engagement through a customizable calendar feature.

available for all devices

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